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Extended Diploma in Personal Training

This qualification will provide individuals with enhanced knowledge and skills to work with individuals and groups in a range of environments, helping them to develop a successful and sustainable personal training business. This course also includes a business module, helping individuals to set up their own personal training business effectively.

About this Course

This course delves deep into health and fitness-related assessments, giving students the chance to take part in group personal training, as well as work with individuals and groups in alternative environments. The course provides an all-rounded feel for gym instructing and personal training and leaves candidates easily able to move straight into a role within the industry. This course also includes a unit in Nutrition for Sport and Exercise Performance, allowing PTs to support clients prior to, during and after sporting or event-based activities such as endurance races – facilitating a broader scope for work within the industry after completion.

Full time
6 weeks
Monday – Friday
9am – 5pm

Part Time
16 weeks
1 day per week
9:30am – 4:30pm

Students are taught to the highest professional standards by highly qualified and supportive tutors. The course is delivered 1 day per week covering the theory, practical, gym-based elements and home study which is required for portfolio work and revision.

1 to 4 Months

1 to 5 days
a Week

Level 2 & 3

In Person

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  • We accept students aged 16 and over.

    The following is needed to enrol:

    • A good command of the English language for communication, reading and writing.
    • Successful interview with Training Manager
    • Photo Identification (ie passport)
    • Completed application and enrolment forms
  • Start date in the academic year.

    Attendance must be maintained above 95% in order to successfully achieve your Diploma.

    Register your interest, call our Admissions Team on 0113 250 9507 or email learn@ycob.co.uk to register your interest and receive more information on our September and February intakes.

  • The learner must complete the twelve mandatory units:

    • Unit 1: Principles of anatomy, physiology and fitness (A/616/7499).
    • Unit 2: Professionalism and customer care for fitness instructors (K/616/7501).
    • Unit 3: Health and safety in the fitness environment (M/616/7502).
    • Unit 4: Conducting client consultations to support positive behaviour change (A/616/7504).
    • Unit 5: Planning and instructing gym-based exercise (F/616/7505).
    • Unit 6: Applied anatomy and physiology for exercise, health and fitness (F/615/4012).
    • Unit 7: The principles of nutrition and their application to exercise and health (J/615/4013).
    • Unit 8: Understanding lifestyle, health, well-being and common medical conditions (R/615/4015).
    • Unit 9: Delivering client consultations and health and fitness assessments (L/617/3999).
    • Unit 10: Personal training for individuals and groups in a range of environments (M/617/400).
    • Unit 11: Professionalism and business acumen for personal trainers (D/615/4020).
    • Unit 12: Nutrition for sport and exercise performance (T/508/4367).

    This course also includes a business module, helping individuals to set up their own personal training business effectively.

  • This qualification is assessed by:

    • Coursework
    • Portfolio of evidence
    • Practical demonstration/assignment
    • Multiple-choice exam

Advanced Learner Loan Funding Available

Childcare and Travel Bursaries Available for Loan Funded Learners

Awarding Body Active IQ

Success Story

Daniel Blissett, JD gyms in Leeds

The part that I enjoyed the most was the interaction with both my tutor as well as other learners during the practical workshop. I really valued the constant support offered by the tutor and looking forward to the contact days.

Everything I learned was important, but I personally found the advanced training systems such a cluster sets and GVT, drop sets, supersets all help me understand my own training better, as well as how to help others with these advanced techniques.

"I'm currently working at JD gyms in Leeds. I’m really enjoying it, it's been a crazy first year due to COVID and gym closures, but I’m picking up clients, within lockdown doing outdoor training so I had to learn to adapt quickly! I also do 3-4 classes a week including spin, burn class, and LBT sessions. At YCOB, I learned to have more confidence and gaining even more knowledge, building experience of what it's like working in a gym as well as being resilience and open to change. I now have much more confidence in knowing how to train people and what to tell clients to help them towards their goals."

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