Wellbeing Workshop with Natalie Anderson, founder of The Capsule - Yorkshire College of Beauty

Wellbeing Workshop with Natalie Anderson, founder of The Capsule

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As part of our stance on self-confidence, wellbeing and positive mental health we are introducing a #WellnessWednesday to our scheme of work where our students can collectively share empowering motivational quotes, pay someone a compliment and do something empowering which will allow them to grow in confidence and love themselves for who they are and above all show kindness to themselves and others.

Natalie Anderson photographed with learners

This week we held our first wellbeing workshop with the very lovely Natalie Anderson, Actor, Presenter and founder of The Capsule.

Natalie is an advocate for body confidence and wellbeing and is passionate about promoting the importance of being healthy, having a positive mental attitude as well as loving yourself for who you are and being confident in your own body.

Natalie started off by asking our learners; What is beauty and what does beauty mean to you? Do you know, not one person said “A smile” – we all need to smile, don’t you agree?

We touched on Social Media, friend or foe? We would say both. As much as social media platforms allow us all to connect with friends and family it can also have a detrimental effect on our mental health and self-esteem. We are constantly comparing ourselves to others on social media by their perfectly filtered photos which is having a huge impact on how we view ourselves.

We all want to feel and look good but it starts from within and from a young age which is why as a college we have a responsibility to share positivity, share the knowledge and provide our learners with the tools they need to empower and improve their self-worth and have a positive mental attitude.

Are you ready to ditch the filter? – Watch this space…..

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